The goal of “STRONG is Beautiful” is to build personal strength and confidence, by challenging you to become the best that you can be through functional strength movements and bodyweight exercise.  Physical confidence breeds inner confidence and strong, proud teens and adults.

Spring was awesome for us at the Studio!  We have spring sports athletes winning SMAC in baseball and lacrosse, and our adults doing amazing things in our local competitions!  We participated in the Casey’s 5k, and Festivus this month, and are looking forward to MURPH on Memorial Day!   Summer workouts for high school start as soon as school ends, so we are gearing up to welcome both our HS and college athletes back to SiB!

The SiB Barbarians have spent a great year working on lifting techniques and competing in local competitions.  It has been a ton of fun.  For those of you who are interested, this is a weight lifting specific add-on for those of you looking for a bit more than our usual.  The goal of these classes is to get STRONGER by moving heavier amounts of weight.  It is separated as a unique class because the main goal of SiB is to enhance FUNCTIONAL fitness, strength and conditioning – for overall health & athletic success